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Cozy Reader's Giveaway Extravaganza - Rebel in Petticoats


Rebel in Petticoats
(US/CAN Only - 1 copy)

Rebel In PetticoatsAuthor: Nancy Gentry
Illustrated by: Jayne Williams
ISBN: 978-0-9800285-6-0
Publisher: O'More Publishing
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About the Book

In 1861 ten-year-old Rachel Franklin and her family are pulled into the midst of the Civil War. Though at first the glory of fighting for the southern Cause brought pride and excitement into the Franklin home, the truth of war's hardships soon become apparent. Before the war the biggest worries for Rachel were using proper manners and controlling her jealousy towards her brother Bud's sweetheart, Suzanna Wade. Now Rachel and her mother must work the gardens, pick cotton, tend to their wounded men, and wait between letters with only hope that their loved ones survive. "We must be strong," Mama tells her, and on the night when Rachel must deliver an important message for Papa to save the lives of countless men, she learns the true meaning of bravery when she becomes a little Rebel in Petticoats.

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About the Author:

Nancy Gentry has been teaching children to read for twenty-seven years. During this time she has read thousands of children's stories with her students and her granddaughters. Combining this love for reading and her love for writing she decided to write her own stories that she hoped children would enjoy. Nancy lives in Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband, Earl. Their two daughters and four granddaughters also live in the city. She has a Bachelor's degree from Arkansas State University and a Master's degree in education from the University of Memphis. She currently teaches at Presbyterian Day School. She loves playing the piano, and on Sunday mornings can be found playing at her church. Nancy is an avid reader of the Civil War, and she wanted to share the events of this war with young readers. The desire to create a story that older children and teens would not only enjoy, but could use to understand this American war was a rewarding challenge that resulted in her first book, Rebel in Petticoats.

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