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As for Me and My House: Education Is Important

As For Me And My House: Education Is ImportantAuthor: Rose Marie Whiteside
ISBN: 978-0615455839
Self Published by Author
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Reviewer: Maggie Schlarman

As a parent, one of the most important things you can do for your children is to make sure they understand the value of a good education and set a good example for them. Unfortunately, here in the United States, many parents get too caught up in society’s “demands” to keep this as a top priority. As a result, many people have the view that both education and discipline are solely the job of teachers and take it out on the education system if their children do not succeed or keep getting in trouble. In addition, it has ultimately caused the drop-out rate in schools to continue increasing and for the government (where a majority of people are not educational experts) to mandate ridiculous guidelines for educators to “teach” children and demonstrate that those children are “learning”.

Rose Marie Whiteside stresses the importance of parents playing a direct role in their children’s education in the book As for Me and My House. A child’s parent(s) should be their first and last teacher. Ms. Whiteside does a great job using both fact and personal opinion to lay out methods to better the American education system. In order for children to get the most out of education, parents need to make sure it is a priority in their family and get involved with the school. Since Ms. Whitehead does include a lot of her own opinions on how to handle these situations, not everyone may agree with all of it. There were some issues/suggestions that I do not agree with in the book; however, the overall concept should be universally agreed upon: parents HAVE to be involved in their children’s lives and set good examples for them in order for them to get the most out of the education system in this country and for them to grow and make the choice to continue pursuing and education.

As both a parent and a child of two parents who devoted 31 years of their lives as teachers in the public school system, I find this book very refreshing to read. As she mentions in her book, “education is empowering.” Without a good education, you cannot go very far in this world and life can be very hard. I highly recommend this book to people with children or that plan to have children. Overall, I actually feel this book would be valuable for anyone to read because it provides great facts and opinions on why supporting education is not only beneficial for an individual, but for society as a whole.



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