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The Return Home

The Return Home

The Challenge

 •Create a short story and incorporate any book titles you’ve read into your story. You have to use the exact title of the book, which means you cannot add a ‘s’ or ‘ed’… etc, onto the end of words.

•Understandable- Don’t just throw in a bunch of crazy book titles and expect to call it a story.

•Points- Your book titles are your points. If you use 10 book titles in your story- you are entered 10 times into the contest. Note: you can use a book title as many times as you want; however, it will only could as one point. (use title 3 times= 1 point)

•Limit- There is no limit to how long it has to be. Though it is called a ‘short story’, so I don’t think a couple of sentences would be sufficient, but its up to you.

My Story (Repeated titles are in italics)

As I headed to Folly Beach, I couldn’t help but regret that I had not visited sooner. I was Almost Home and yet part of me wanted to Stay behind in New York City, my new home, the one devoid of memories. The Memory Box that is my mind isn’t vulnerable in NYC. You might wonder why I’ve been away for so long. My story is not unique, but it’s mine and this is what happened.

I left Folly Beach ten years ago. My ex-husband, As Husbands Go, was hard working, kind, helpful, charming and a cheater. When I discovered his infidelity, I was devastated. How had I not noticed? What was I to him, The Help? Was I just his maid? His cook? Was I anything? I needed to escape. I needed to get far away. Val, my best friend since college, bought me a ticket to The Beach House her family owns in Maine. When I arrived I was a Bitter Bitch. We handled my mood by drinking, complaining and we having a blast shopping and swimming until I had finally blown off enough steam to think clearly. What did I want? I couldn’t possibly Stay married, I didn’t trust him anymore. I couldn’t move back to my parent’s house either. My mom would happily house me in my old Room, but I couldn’t take her Ms. Bossypants attitude that she would inevitably spring on me. Mom always has to be in charge. My failed marriage would only fuel her desire to control my life. No, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t even want to be in Folly Beach to witness my ex with another woman. It was clear to me then, I had to move. I had to take a chance, be someone different.

I suddenly realized my life was dull. I had lost my passion and everybody needs A Little Bit of Passion. Suddenly my eyes were opened. I had been given a Second Chance. I was no longer the unfortunate housewife who didn’t realize her husband was a cheater. I quickly started searching the internet for jobs. I had always wanted to live in New York City. I was certain I could find a job, an apartment and a new life located miles away from my ex-husband and the memories of Folly Beach. I had A Taste of Desire for something new. I desired a new life, a new city, and a new me. Soon my days were full of activities. Val and I headed to New York City to interview and find me an apartment. I secretly wished I could afford One Fifth Avenue! It didn’t take me long to acquire a job and less pricey address. Though I found myself a victim of L’Affaire which qualified me for Le’Divorce, I was moving on. I was re-discovering myself. I was happy.

Now, ten years later, I’m back. My parents, who have been married fifty years, are renewing their vows and The Wedding is on Folly Beach. After so much time has passed, I am once again heading home to a place I will always be welcome as if I was never away. And it’s all because of family.

I'm not a writer, but that was fun!  Hope you enjoyed it!

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