Sunday, August 29, 2010

Along Came Ziro

Along Came ZiroTownie (Stephen Townsend)
Townie Tales, a division of  18 Grey Media LLC

“In a barn on a farm
On a hill not so high
The animals looked up
Something flashed in the sky!”

Enter Ziro! The cute creature from another world is here to visit these farm animals. The world is his to roam, discover and report on. Ziro has little fear and a huge appetite for curiosity and adventure. This flows throughout the pages of this children’s book. When Ziro lands at the farm, the animals are at first scared and then charmed. They leave with him on an exciting adventure through the galaxy but not before a small farm adventure takes place! The farmer and his dog are left in awe, the reader is left with the impression to dream and dream big!

Here is what my 4 year old daughter said about the book:
The best part was when Ziro Came! He broke the fence. The animals were scared, but soon they were happy. It was great! They went to outer space!

Along came Ziro is a refreshing and unique children’s book. It reads in a rhyme style that flows easily. The words are sometimes interactive as they take on a different font, color, size and style in order to reflect their meaning. Along with the very interactive text are vivid and colorful illustrations that were just as fun and unique as the story itself. The illustrations give a visual representation of the story presented in a manner that makes the reader feel they are viewing it through the eyes of the characters.

I really enjoyed reading this children’s book on my own as well as with my daughter. It was cute, imaginative, colorful and entertaining. The story was funny due to the barnyard animals and the settings. I would suggest this book for children ages 4 - 8. I would not limit this book to the age group previously stated as I highly enjoyed this book myself.

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