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The Momnificent Life

The Momnificent Life: Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy MomsLori Radun
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The Momnificent Life; Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms, is a guide for all moms no matter what activities you balance. Whether you juggle your home life with work, school, church, sports, or charities, every mom has a busy and hectic life that can easily be encouraged, advised, influenced and supported by this book. The author lays a careful plan and guideline to help moms in areas such as time, managemnt, financial intimacy, personal development, career and health among many others. The goal is to help moms discover themselves aside from, yet in tune with, their children and families. It’s a book of how to manage life and stress, showing how you can have it all. It is about balance and how to take a nurturing approach to motherhood.

The book starts off with an introduction that shares the eight components to having a “Momnificent” life. Each component is summarized and later expanded on throughout the book. I found this overview very useful to the rest of the book. There is a wealth of knowledge in The Momnificent Life. The first time you read it will not be your last. I found myself re-reading specific chapters that dealt with my own needs as a mom and going back to it as a guide and re-fresher. The author carefully explains life as a balance process. If it is tipped to much in one direction it can easily burn us out. No one activity is good all the time, they are better in a balance with other activities, just the same as our health and eating habits. She clearly states that a balanced life is different for everyone because balancing is personal and in regards to what is important to you. She gives charts and assignment suggestions throughout the book help the reader to better understand themselves.

I really enjoyed this book! It is by far a wonderfuly useful tool to me as a mother. I am constantly busy. I have my own two children, one in school and the other potty training and generally a very curious child, which means I cannot take my eyes off her. In addition I baby-sit my nephew full time and work a full time job. I rarely have time for myself and have known I am burning out quickly for a while. The book has helped me prioritize where I didn’t know how, examine areas I didn’t think to examine, and encouraged me in area I have already started changing and working on. It is not a book that is a one time read for me, but rather one I go to to help remind me, encourage me and give me advise. One of my favorite parts of this book was “zap the mommy guilt” something every mother deals with on multiple levels and many different areas. I also personally enjoyed the chapter on friendships and stress. These two are two problem areas for me, my friendships are not being tended to properly and the stress comes in large amounts that are not healthy. With great attention to detail and the aspects of a moms life, Lori Redun provides a wonderful guide on how to be Momnificent!

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