Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Skinny On Credit Cards: How to Master the Credit Card Game

The Skinny On Credit Cards: How to Master the Credit Card Game
Jim Randel
RAND Publishing

The Skinny On Credit Cards starts with an overview of credit cards and the history of credit cards. This enables the reader to understand the background in hopes of better understanding the subject matter, not that you need it because Randel very clearly explains credit card terms and topics so that any reader can understand. The book continues by explaining limits, charges, APR’s, default % rates, compound interest and more. It gives the reader the knowledge needed to figure out how long it will take them to pay their credit cards off at their current rates and balances. The book takes a direct and simplistic approach in explaining credit cards and all they encompass, leaving the reader with knowledge and power. This is the stuff credit card companies will not take time to explain to the consumer, primarily because they don’t want you to know.

This book was a wonderful tool. It not only explains credit cards and quickly removes false thinking or myths; it gives the reader a plan or strategy to get themselves out of debt. Once the book explains “The Skinny On” credit cards it starts to discuss the positive steps needed to move forward and resolve the debt, enabling the reader to avoid the pitfalls a second time around. The book does not miss a beat; it covers every aspect of credit card use, misuse and debt. Advice is given to parents and college students in regards to the use of credit cards. It is equipped with the most up to date information, laws and regulations.

“The Skinny On Credit Cards” is a must have for all consumers. It is designed with the reader in mind. Simplistic and easy to understand, it is explained efficiently and is comical as well as interesting. All of these factors keep the reader interested and intrigued while only taking about an hour of their time. The story is told through the lives of Billy and Beth in a comic book style set up. There is no reason to not read this book. If you have a credit card, want a credit card, or have every though about a credit card, this book is full of knowledge that you as a consumer should have. I personally learned a lot fro myths book. Some I was aware of, other bits of information I had been misguided and misinformed on. I am happy to say that is no longer the case thanks to “The Skinny On Credit Cards”.

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