Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

The Smurfs #2: The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (The Smurfs Graphic Novels)Yvan Delporte and Peyo
NBM Publishing (Papercutz)

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute starts off with the King, Johan and Peewit at the castle. The King and Johan are attempting to hide from Peewit, who is playing his musical instrument and is quite horrible. They flee to the courtyard in time to meet up with a merchant who is specifically looking for Peewit. After sending a servant to find Peewit, they discover the merchant is selling instruments so they rush him to leave before Peewit arrives. The escape is narrow! Once Peewit arrives the King notices a flute on the cobblestone that was left behind. In attempts to get rid of it before Peewit notices a series of hilarious events occur ending in the flute being thrown into the Kings’ fireplace. Soon the plan backfires when smoke is seen coming from the Kings bedroom. Peewit finds the flute, which was never burned, when he helps to put the fire out. The flute turns out to be magical and Peewit finds it hilarious until he discovers its hidden potential. Here is where our “bad guy” enters. A local thief who knows of the flutes power follows Peewit and Johan around in attempt to steal the flute, which he eventually does by outwitting naive Peewit. This sends Peewit and Johan on their adventure to recover the magic flute and in the process meet the Smurfs and save the day! The adventure is about to begin.

This Smurfs and the Magic Flute was wonderful and easy to read! It will delight Smurf lovers everywhere. It is the first actual comic book I have read about the Smurfs. I really enjoyed it and I’m not a comic book reader. I was impressed with the books binding and pages. Unlike most comic books or graphic novels, this book was bound and the pages are glossy. My experience with comic books has been in a paper, non-bound and un-glossed format. This book was clearly built to last.

This hilarious graphic novel is great for readers’ ages eight and up. It is equipped with vivid and colorful pictures along with an amusing and interesting story line. If you have fond memories of the Smurfs this will be a great trip down memory lane with enough enjoyment and ease to read multiple times. I would suggest this to Smurf lovers, comic lovers, and anyone who has never read a graphic novel. It is a great first comic and a wonderful read for all.

Reviewed for Bookpleasures
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