Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amy Goes Surfing

Amy Goes SurfingJulie Labossiere
Illustrated by Dwayne Brown
ISBN: 978-1452842783

Amy has been learning to surf for weeks now and today is her first performance! Even though the performance is just for Amy’s family and friends, Amy is nervous and unconfident to be surfing on her own without her instructor Kirk. Kirk believes in Amy’s practice and determination. He is sure she will do great. Amy’s confidence is boosted by Kirk’s pep talk as she sets off to “catch” her debut wave. With practice, patience, confidence and determination Amy Goes Surfing!

Amy Goes Surfing is a cute book that helps teach the simple lesson of practice makes perfect. Amy learns that patience most often helps her remember what she has learned with lots of practice. The story is enjoyable though slightly repetitive at parts, due to Amy being nervous about surfing without Kirk. The book appears to be self published as I could not find a publishing company listed. On the back cover where it should say ISBN it says “IS N” which I felt needed to be included in this review for the author more than the reader.

Overall this book was fun and easy to read. The illustrations were very “surfer” like and interesting to look at. I enjoyed the color and appeal the pictures offered to the text. I haven’t seen many children’s books about surfing, making this one a pleasure to read with my daughter. I would suggest this book for children 4-8 years of age. It teaches a wonderful lesson hidden in a fun story about a girl who feels much like children do when they have to do something on their own for the first time. They are sure to enjoy all it has to offer.

3.5/5 Photobucket
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  1. I stopped by your blog today. I had a LOL moment when I read your rating system.
    Cozy In Texas

  2. Adorable cover, and a valuable life lesson -- sounds like a winner :)


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