Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Butt Book

The Butt Book
Author: Artie Bennett
Illustrated by Mike Lester
ISBN: 978-1-59990-311-8
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books
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Eyes and ears are much respected, but the butt has been neglected.

We hope to change that here and now. Would the butt please take a bow?…..

We all have bottoms, a backside, a rear, is it just a place for our underwear? What about animals, they have them too. Butts are tall, small, flat and fat they have many different names, what’s up with that? This book is full of backside knowledge and is something you won’t learn in college! It’s sure to bring a load of laughs to children and grownups alike, as it pays tribute to that very useful body part, the Butt!

My four year old daughter’s thoughts:
Mommy, I did the butt and bow! What do Zebras have? Ah, hehe! The fish is biting this animals tail! Why? Maybe it is a shark fish. Super funny mom! We use our tushy to sit on stuff. Everyone even animals have butts! I liked it!

The Butt Book is a hilarious rhyming tribute to our bottom end! With phrases like, Butts have cheeks just like our faces, though they’re found in different places, the reader and audience is sure to laugh out loud! While the topic can be inappropriate at times, this book was extremely cute, respectful, and a well done tribute to our very useful bottom end. It explains all the things we couldn’t do if we didn’t have one very useful body part. The pictures will make you laugh out loud, the story line is even funnier! Everyone in our house enjoyed this book and the kids were thrilled to read it. The book is a wonderful edition to the kids library for those silly moment reads! It captures the essence of a child while being appropriate and tastefully written. It was wonderful for readers of all ages!


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