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Wipe Clean Activity Book 1

Wipe Clean Activity Book

Juliet David & Marie Allen
ISBN: 978-1-85985-843-1
Publisher: Lion Hudson/Candle Books/Kregel Publications

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The Wipe Clean Activity Book consist of 14 different activities based on a Bible story. Each activity has 1-2 sentences which states a fact about the biblical character and then gives instructions for the child on what to do with the activity page. The activities include coloring, connect the dots, draw the picture, find the right path, what’s missing/wrong and tracing. The book is made to use with high quality crayons or felt tip pens for best results in wiping the activities clean. It is sure to provide entertainment to young children ages 3-6.

Madison’s Thoughts:
I want to use it now! I am so happy. I love it. My favorites are Moses leading his people, David’s harp-connect the dots, and Noah’s ark -join the animals. Did you see mommy! I did it!

Mom’s Thoughts:
This activity book was wonderful fun for my daughter. She loves this type of stuff and gets sad when her pages are used and she can’t do the puzzles again. When we started using the book for the first time she was ready and armed with the tools she needed to use this book. Each time thereafter she would go get the items herself and sit down to use the book. On average she spends 30 -45 minutes using this activity book.

The book states that most good quality felt-tip pens and crayons can be used on the laminated pages…to remove simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth. It then gives a spot for you to test your marker, pen or crayon. I tried Crayola washable crayons, and markers which are the best I have found in regards to cleaning. While they did come off they did not “wipe off” I had to apply pressure and rub the crayon and marker off. It was not something that Madison could do on her own easily. I highly suggest using dry erase markers for this activity book. They show up easily and wipe off easily.

Overall, this is a great activity book and my daughter really enjoyed using it! I was very pleased with the results for the cost. I would recommend this to family and friends who have children ages 3-6 years of age. It is not meant for children younger than 3 and is below the intelligence of children ages 7 and older who might enjoy more challenging activities.

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