Monday, October 18, 2010

The Enchanted Flounder

The Enchanted Flounder: A new kinder, gentler telling of a fairy tale classic
Author: Susan Meredith
ISBN: 9780984286669
Publisher: Rocking Chair Publications Inc.
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The Enchanted Flounder is a clean, humorous and important fairy tale that teaches the value of contentment. The story is about a fisherman who meets a flounder with the power to grant wishes. Completely content with his life the fisherman passes on the wish and the flounder promises to grant any wish he needs if he thinks of what, he should just ask. The fisherman’s wife is irate with him. She demands her return and asks her wish to the flounder. While the fisherman never ask for anything because he is happy with what he has, his wife keeps wishing for more and more until she gets exactly what she wants! Or is it? The story emphasizes a valuable lesson in being thankful and happy instead of greedy.

Grams Fairy Tales is a series of fairy tale stories written without scary stuff. The motto “Just tickles and giggles” is true for this book! As a parent I do not like to read books that could possibly scare my children or give them bad dreams. This story was fun and whimsical yet taught a lesson. The book is stamped with the “grandparent approved” label which I find endearing. The book consists of seven chapters that are two to four pages long which help break the story up. There are pictures mixed in but I didn’t notice any lack of pictures due to the great tale and how it is told.

Over all, I really enjoyed this book and my children and I enjoy reading about the talking fish who grants wishes! They think it is so silly and laugh. I enjoy the laughter along with the story and everyone is happy at the end! I would suggest this book for children ages 2-10, though it is sure to be enjoyable for all who read it. I look forward to reading and reviewing other titles in this series.

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