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DreamsAuthor: Brittany Glynn
ISBN: 978-1-93527-0-034
Publisher: Cool Titles
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“Human reason tells her she’s crazy- the voice she hears tells her otherwise…”

Emerald McGintay, daughter of leading psychiatrist Bradford McGintay, is diagnosed with schizophrenia when she begins to have dreams and visions. When she discovers a trail of hidden secrets, left by her mother and hidden by her father, Bradford decides to send her away to a special clinic for treatment. Emerald is sure she is not ill and flees to find whatever she is searching for and being drawn too. She finds it when she stumbles upon a small town in the Colorado Rockies. In Colorado Emerald feels safe and at peace, she meets a rancher who also hears the voice she hears along with many others who have belief in God. Emerald has many strange encounters, a romance with a rancher and the chance to discover her reality and a true place to feel at home, if only her father will let her.

Dreams was a thrilling, fast paced novel that kept me on the edge of my seat. Emerald is told she has a mental illness but doesn’t believe it is the truth. Once she discovers the Colorado Rockies and meets Jack and Caleb she will need to rely on her faith in God and the trust of her new friends to keep her safe from her father and his evil partner who keep drugging her for an illness she doesn’t have, because of a faith they don’t want to accept and a reality they don’t want her to uncover. Everything is hidden, nothing is what it seems and everyone has secrets of their own.

I really enjoyed the majority of this book. I felt the religious visions were a little over the top, but didn’t mind the reality of Emerald feeling God’s presence and guidance. Emerald’s dreams and visions appear to be early memories and déjà vu related incidents rather than a mental illness but the book leaves you questioning her mental stability until the whole truth is finally revealed. The novel was a wonderful read. Brittany is a great story teller. I enjoyed the psychology aspect of this novel along with all the twist and turns the story took. This part romance, part suspense, part Christian fiction novel was satisfying and entertaining. I will definitely read another novel by Brittany Glynn and will suggest it to friends.
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