Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yalu and the Puppy Room

Yalu and the Puppy Room
Written by Brian T Yates Illustrated by Tielman Chaney
ISBN: 978-1-934051-42-9
Publisher: Mystic Publishers
Source: BookPleasures

Yalu is one of many puppies waiting for a permanent home at her kennel. Yalu is sure today is her day but soon finds out the family wants a male dog and her brother finds a home instead! Yalu has many disappointments and does not understand why she doesn’t have a home yet. Will she ever be the princess of a special family? Soon Yalu meets two very special people who see how wonderful Yalu is and they bring her home! Yalu is ready to discover her new home and realizes just how wonderful it is to be the right families princess!

My 4 year old daughters thoughts:
Why do they want a male? She was a girl and not a boy! Aww poor puppy!
That part is funny! Ya…..LU, Ya……LU!
She is their princess like I’m your princess.
It was great! I like it! I liked to howl Yalu and I liked the part when she discovered her new home inside and outside.

This book was adorable and makes you want to go out and get a puppy! It was really fun to read with my daughter because it was a longer story with less pictures and she was still okay with it. I was able to put emotion in my voice so that she could hear the story as it would be read without a ton of pictures to take her attention, which was great for the transitional stage she is in as a reader. The book is great for kids ages 4-8 years of age. It can be read to the child or read by the child with ease, depending on their age and skill level. The illustrations that were in this book were great! We really enjoyed the visual effects the book had as well as the text. The pictures were cute and well done. They felt real, as if you were looking at the event taking place. I would recommend this book to friends with children in the age ranges previously stated. It has been read multiple times since it was sent to us for review.



  1. book looks so cute! love the little puppy on the cover. =] i'm a new follower of your blog!

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  2. I LOVE children's books and I LOVE dog I'm definitely going to buy this one (put it on my amazon wish list) as soon as I can. I work in a school system and have a son (13, but with special needs) who loves to be read to, so I love to be introduced to new (to me) books that they might enjoy.


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