Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Question of the Day Featuring Michael Phillips

Angel Harp: A Novel

Question 7 of 25 with Michael Phillips

What is the least thrilling/attractive part of being an author for you?
I would probably say the editorial and production process, but not only because of the difficulties I mentioned earlier. It is the most difficult creatively. The editorial process comes long after you’ve finished a book. The emotional and creative energy has all been used up. By then you’re on to something else.

It is very hard to go back and summon the energy to make a lot of corrections that perhaps a publisher wants you to make. And it’s hard also to incorporate such changes into what is already a finished and cohesive entity. It becomes very much a cut and paste affair at that point. You seriously worry whether you’re not just making a hodge-podge of a given scene or section more than really improving it. They may be great ideas, but it’s difficult to recapture that enthusiasm from six months or a year before when you were riding the wave of creativity that carried you through the writing of the book in the first place.

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