Sunday, February 13, 2011

Question of the Day featuring Michael Phillips

Angel Harp: A Novel
Question 10 of 25

How did you decide to write a novel in this genre? Have you written in any other genres?

I very much like writing in first person. It is more “fun,” if I can put it in that way. It imposes a lot of limitations on you creatively. At the same time, you can develop the internal thoughts and growth of a character in more interesting ways than when looking in from the outside.

But I had never written a contemporary novel in the first person, only historicals. So this is a first for me with Angel Harp. It was something I wanted to try.

I have written in just about all the genres—historical, contemporary, first person, third person, young adult, thriller, fantasy. I’ve even done a murder mystery, but haven’t found a publisher for it yet!

Michael has written many novels, find out tomorrow if he has another in the works...

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