Friday, October 21, 2011


Author: Susan May Warren
ISBN: 978-1-60936-218-8
Publisher: Summerside Press
Source: Review Copy
"With the wrong smile, her sister could destroy Jinx's world."
What would you give up to follow your dream?  If you had all the money in the world, would you truly be happy?  Now that you’ve thought “Yes, I would” slow down and re-think.  Think of everything that comes with money, the fame, the expectations, the fake friendships, the danger and greed.  While money can buy you anything and everything, it cannot buy love.  Not true love.  Heiress is a book that explores the thought “Money cannot buy happiness” through two sisters.
The eldest sister and heiress to the family fortune wants to be a newspaper writer.  She doesn’t want to live in a society that expects everything of her without giving thought to her wishes.  When given the chance to escape, Esme flees to Montana to start her own newspaper.  Only time will tell if life without money will bring the happiness Esme seeks or if her act is one of rebellion and her real place is in a glittering and wealthy society?
Jinx, the younger sister wants the life of an Heiress.  After marrying well, she finds herself caught up in the glamour, privileges and duties of the wealthy.  But is she truly happy?  Is it enough?  Both sisters desire true love and look for in in different ways, but who will find it and at what cost?
Heiress is a beautifully written novel that points out where love and happiness is truly rooted.  Both sisters learn that without God, something is always missing.  The book has tackles issues such as rebellion, adultery, betrayal, passion and desire that can be tough to talk about.  Both sisters desire the same thing yet seek it in very different ways.  I enjoyed the unique genuine aspects of this book.  Everyone wants to be happy.  Money brings an ease to life yet complicates it also.  Two sisters can be so alike yet so vastly different.  There are so many real qualities in this book that helped me to appreciate it.  Susan May Warren never fails me with her writing.  She has an enjoyable writing style and pens novels that are vastly different yet wonderful in their own way.   In addition to great plots, Susan develops interesting and lovable characters.  It’s hard to put her books down.  This one is no different.  I actually read both this novel and a Christmas novel by Susan in the last few weeks.  I can happily say I enjoyed both and would recommend them.
Highly Recommended

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