Saturday, October 1, 2011

Until the End of Forever

Until the End of Forever
Shannon Hart
ISBN: 978-0955990366
Publisher: Black Leaf Publishing
Source: Chick-lit Plus Blog Tour

The last year has been full of debut authors that have charmed me with their imagination and writing.  Shannon Hart fits this category.  The novel is both romantic and enchanting.  The story reflects the idea that not everything is as perfect as it may seem.  For Sarah and Rob, all seems perfect until the reader learns more about Sarah’s feelings.  Sarah is given the chance to escape her life and marriage and finally has everything she thought she wanted until tragedy brings her back, confusing her wand leaving her to decide what really matters.
I love books that switch between characters, giving multiple points of view.  Until the End of Forever is written from both Sarah and Rob’s point of view, which I felt is important for this story.  I also feel the set up gives a well-rounded look at the whole story, since the reader is enabled to understand each character through their own thoughts and feelings.
On the flip side, I don’t’ care for novels that have a lot of flashback scenes.  If a novel flashes back, I prefer it to stay until it meets up with the present and moves forward.  This novel flashes back quite often which made me lose connection to the flow of the story.  I would rather have kept reading present day story rather than switching back and forth.
Overall, I enjoyed this charming debut.  I connected with the characters, I felt for both main characters since I was able to understand them through their own eyes.  The story is interesting and unique.  I would recommend this book. 
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