Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Story of Noah's Ark, Storybook and Wall Clings

The Story of Noah's Ark: Storybook and Wall Clings tells the beloved story of Noah's ark full of vivid, colorful pictures, that promises to delight young children.  The pictures are adorable and remind me of "bubble" art since all the illustrations are round and big.  They are great for toddlers and young children.  Inside the storybook is two full pages of wall clings.  The wall clings illustrate Noah's story in a hands on manner for the child, enabling them to re-create the bible story in their own way.

We really enjoyed this story and its illustrations, but most of all the girls enjoyed the wall clings.  Our walls are textured which was not ideal for these clings.  They stuck but fell off the wall easily.  The clings worked wonderfully on my daughters bedroom doors though.  I would recommend this book and wall clings to those with smooth walls.  It's an inexpensive option in decor as well as fun for your child.  The clings are made to be taken off and re-posted multiple times without loosing their stick.  Your toddler or young child will enjoy playing with them for hours!


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