Monday, October 3, 2011


Emily Sue Harvey
ISBN: 978-161188019-9
Publisher: The Story Plant
Source: Pump Up Your Book Blog Tour
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In Space, Emily Sue Harvey delivers us a deeply moving story of a family on the brink. Dan and Deede Stowe have worked for years, planning and saving for their idyllic retirement years. Just when they finally are about to realize their dream, their adult, recovering drug-addict daughter, Faith, moves back in with them and everything changes. Their “miracle child”, complete with druggie baggage, upsets the tranquil balance of the Stowe’s existence. Private romantic moments evaporate. Faith’s endless needs intrude hour by hour, devouring both their finances, their emotions, and most crucially, their space. In turn, Faith finds herself bereft of everything she cherished most, her health, her marriage, her child, her family, her reputation and, most of all, a space to call her own.
My Thoughts:
This is my favorite title by Emily Sue Harvey thus far.  I enjoyed the moving and poignant story delivered by Harvey.  The story has a real life appeal to it, as it deals with the topic of a family on the brink.  The parents, who have been saving their entire life for retirement and planning how to spend their time in an idyllic way, are thrown off course when the daughter, a recovering drug-addict, moves, back home.  Their privacy, relaxation, and dreams disappear.  The obvious stress on the parents is expected, but the story of Faith, their daughter, and her struggles with everything she cherishes takes the reader down an emotional path.  The tree are forced to find peace with each other in the midst of the most chaotic and challenging time in their lives. 
The novel questions love and its strength to hold people together.  It is vivid and honest.  I felt for each character and at the same time wanted to slap some sense into all of them.  It really is a novel that reminds me of something families might deal with in today’s world, though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  I enjoyed reading Emily’s take on this story.  I also enjoyed the quotes at the beginning of each chapter.  Though the book dives into some serious subject matter that isn’t the easiest to talk about, it also gives hope.  It reminds me that no matter what I might be going through, I’m not alone.  Someone else may be going through the same thing or worse.  Life is not staged to be perfect; it is full of surprises, difficulties, bad choices and many wonderful things as well.  I was thankful for my loving family who support me every day.
I recommend this book.  It is quite interesting and heartbreaking all at the same time.  The story flows from page to page and kept me hooked until the end.  I enjoyed this work of fiction very much.
Highly Recommended

Amid chaotic challenges, all three battle to find peace with each other, a harmony that doggedly eludes them. For the sake of family solidarity, each is forced to sacrifice elemental components of self, until desperation turns them one against the other. Will love be enough to turn the tide? Is it strong enough to warm again hearts grown cold?

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