Friday, October 21, 2011

The Snowman’s Revenge

Author: Mark Smythe
Illustrator: Mike Motz
ISBN: 978-0-9822704-0-0
Source: BookPleasures

Winter brings fun for everyone, when school is closed and children play; moms enjoy a warm indoor day.  After a snowball fight, the children build a snowman, big and tall.  They give him a hat, scarf, jacket and shovel and then head indoors for warm hot chocolate and cookies.  Mr. Snowman is very mad; he does not appreciate being left outside in the cold.  He wants to be warm and cozy too.  After he sneaks inside, he needs to find a good place to hide.  He heads for the freezer, since he feels he is starting to sweat.  However being stuck in the freezer is no fun, so he decides to scare everyone.  He soon finds out his plan will fail, since snowmen don’t belong inside.
“It snowed outside!  The kids are having fun.  They play and slide and build a snowman.  Then all the friends go inside and leave the snowman all alone.  He’s not nice like Frosty.  He wants to go inside and be warm.  He doesn’t like to be cold, but he can’t be warm or else he will melt.  He gets inside but has to hide in the freezer!  Then at the end he melts because he didn’t stay cold!  Poor snowman.   I love this book!  It was fun to read.   I like the pictures and I like to play in the snow, but I don’t like to be cold.  I would want hot chocolate and cookies inside like the snowman.”  -- 5 year olds thoughts
The Snowman’s Revenge is an adorable story about a snowman who wants to be inside where it is warm and cozy.  He is mad that he’s been left alone in the cold.  Soon the snowman learns why he belongs outside without enjoying any of the things he thought would be so great about the indoors.  This book is full of fun rhyming words, colorful, vivid illustrations and pure enjoyment and imagination.  I highly recommend it for children of all ages.  It’s the perfect read for a snowy day or with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.
Must read, don’t miss it!

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