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Textual Healing

Textual HealingAuthor: Eric Smith
ISBN: 978-1-4520-6245-7
Publisher: Author House
Purchase Link: Textual Healing
Source: Author for Review

Few people have to deal with a haiku-speaking flower-shop-owning ninja every day on their way to work. Unfortunately for Andrew Connor, he is one of those people.

And poor Andrew, his week has been a rough one. His former bestseller, Chasing Fireflies, is on clearance at Barnes & Noble for $1.37, his girlfriend left him for a corporate America action figure, and he's been tricked into joining Textual Healing, a support group for writers who can't seem to write anymore.

Dealing with his employees at his failing used bookshop, a strange new love interest from the Midwest, and a pet sugar-glider that has somehow managed to destroy his entire apartment... when will he ever find the time to put pen to paper again?

A quirky comedy set in present day New York and New Jersey, Textual Healing follows the story of Andrew, a self-deprecating, once famous author, his small bookstore in Hoboken, and the colorful characters that surround him.

I really enjoyed this novel for a number of different reasons which I outline below. It has been sitting in my review pile for longer than intended, due to my move, which threw off my reading pattern. When I finished this title I was left wishing I was able to read it sooner. It was a highly enjoyable read. Here’s a rundown of the novel.

Originality- This title is highly original in concept as well as the storyline. The novel reminds me of chick-lit in terms of the relationship plot, but has humor mixed within. Don’t be confused, this isn’t a chick-lit novel, everything about it screams I’m male. I rarely read novels that focus on relationships (all kinds) with a male lead character. I appreciated and enjoyed the point of view in this novel.

Setting- The novel is set in modern day NYC, but isn't the typical Central Park, middle of Manhattan novel.  Instead it has a real down home feel as the characters delight in the charm of New York City living within Hobokan.  I really enjoyed getting to know the Ace's corner of the city. 

Pace- I quickly read this novel. Overall it has a steady pace that guides the reader along. There were a few sections that didn’t capture my attention as well, but the novel was never boring! I did not find myself distracted by other things.

Humor- Oh my gosh, did I laugh! This novel is hilarious. If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how guys think and what runs through their minds, read this book! It is simply entertaining to read. I read multiple passages aloud to my husband and he would laugh as well. It was refreshingly honest.

Uniqueness- This story is one you’d normally expect to read in a chick lit novel. There is a break up, a romance, complications etc. However, the roles are reversed since it’s about a guy. I haven’t read many books that have a male lead and “chick-lit” type story that is completely full of testosterone. The book also takes place mostly in the course of one week. This aspect was wonderfully done!

Overall, I laughed, laughed and laughed some more. I found the characters extremely likeable for the most part. The characters are highly original, well developed and interact with each other beautifully. Each brings a sense of charm or oddity to the story. The book could easily be visualized while I read it. If you’re looking for something different or fun, want to break out of your shell or just want a humorous read, this is a great book! I definitely recommend this read.

About the Author:
 Eric Smith is a 28 year old writer/professor from New Jersey, who currently residing in Philadelphia. He teaches composition and literature at Peirce College, runs the popular hyperlocal Philadelphia blog Geekadelphia with a legion of local geeks, and work in publishing.  You can connect with him via his website or Twitter @ericsmithrocks or Facebook.


  1. I'm dying to read this book. I have worked with eric to get books to review for the publishing company he works for. Well I'm happy he was published, I bet it's funny.

  2. Wow, this really sounds unusual and fun. I think I want to read it.


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