Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Christmas Eve at Friday HarborAuthor: Lisa Kleypas
ISBN: 978-0-312-60586-5
Publisher: St. Martins Press
Source: Book Pleasures
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One moment can change the course of the lives affected, forever. For Mark Nolan this moment takes place when his sister dies suddenly, leaving her daughter to him. For six year old Holly, the moment comes with the sudden death of her mother; an event so traumatic that she is has not spoken since the accident. Holly’s life changes drastically as she moves from Seattle to Friday Harbor to live with her two uncles. Six months later her life changes for the better when a magical meeting takes place in the local toy store. For Maggie Collins, the moment of change has come once and is about to come again when Holly and Mark enter her toy store in Friday Harbor. The tragic events that bring these three together open up opportunity for all of them to have love, happiness and family if they size the moments.

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor is a warm, endearing novel of loss, love and re-birth. Holly has suffered a tragic loss and trauma that causes her to remain mute for the last six months since the accident. Mark, who enlists his brother Sam’s help, is trying to raise a child with no knowledge of parenting. Mark’s only guidance is a single statement, “Start by loving her”, left by his sister in her will. Maggie has suffered deep loss and has doubts and fears related to the loss that hold her heart captive. Upon meeting Holly, Maggie slowly opens her heart to heal. The characters in this novel are extremely likeable. From the beginning I wanted to know more about each characters story and wished for each of them to heal from their pain. The book flowed swiftly, carrying me away and making me forget I was reading a story rather than witnessing it. Although it was short, it was satisfying.

This novel is a romance with light elements and a heat level of about two. It has some kissing scenes and limited sex scenes that are not explicit in nature. The story focuses on other aspects of love outside of the bedroom and deals with love between multiple characters in different capacities. I enjoyed this simple novel with all of its enchanting elements. It is a story of triumph after tragedy. For me the novel was a great bridge between lengthier more in depth stories. I would recommend this to anyone living in the Seattle area, as it takes place in your home town, as well as those readers who take an interest in romance novels, simple fiction or holiday titles. It is sure to please a variety of taste.


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