Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Pesky Peanut

The Pesky Peanut: A True Story

Author: Katie Corl
llustrated by: Melanie Fix
ISBN: 978-0-9844466-2-9
Publisher: Windsong Publishing LLC
Source: Reviewed for BookPleasures
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The Pesky Peanut is a true story about a little boy named Kelly. Kelly is allergic to peanuts. His parents discovered his allergy on his first birthday during Kelly’s birthday party. From this time on they had to keep Kelly away from all things peanut. His allergy is so severe he cannot even touch them. The story helps children like Kelly learn about their allergy and understand more about allergies in general.

I really enjoyed the Pesky Peanut! As a child I grew up going to an allergist for my many allergies. Like Kelly I had a severe reaction that happened out of the blue at a young age. For me, the allergy was to red dye. Allergies are very serious and can be very confusing to children who have them. It’s hard when you cannot eat things other kids can. This book brings to light on of the more popular known allergies, the peanut allergy. It also enables children as well as adults to understand the dangers involved with an allergic reaction.

I believe “The Pesky Peanut” is a wonderful conversation starter for parents and children. It enables you to talk about any allergy by using Kelly’s story as an example. My daughters were very interested in the story and had plenty of questions. They were also able to ask about my allergies and made comments such as “Mommy, he was allergic to the peanut like you’re allergic to cats”. I would recommend this book for readers of all ages, especially children ages 3 -8. It is an example of what an allergy is, what it can do, how quickly it can escalate and how the danger of allergies can be avoided.



  1. Wow, Kelly sounds almost exactly like me. But when I was little, there were no books about peanut allergies and I was the only kid in my entire school with one, and many people had never heard of a peanut allergy.

  2. Peanut allergies are so scary. My seasonal allergies are mild, thank goodness, but I have a pretty serious allergy to mold.

    I think this sounds like a great book for kids with allergies.


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