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Natural Dynamix Gummy Vites & Fiber Dx


I was recently sent a sample of Natural Dynamix Gummy Cuties (vitamins for children) and Gummy Fiber Dx (for adults) for review. I was very eager to try these products, especially the gummy vites as my oldest daughter won’t have anything to do with gummy products and my youngest daughter loves them! I was interested in the reactions of both children. I have split this review up into and overview of the products complete with a description of what we were trying and then my review of the products. Enjoy!

Natural Dynamix was started by a dad, looking for a fun way for his kids to take their vitamins. He created Gummy Cuties, a natural gummy vitamin line that is gluten free, natural in flavor source and color, preservative free and are free of yeast, wheat, milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish and calculates. These vitamins are available as a multi-vitamin, omega-3 supplement and calcium supplement. Each container contains 60 gummies.

After the success of Gummy Vites, Fiber gummies for adults were created. They are sugar free, gluten free, all natural colored and flavored drops that deliver 2 grams of fiber each for a total of 4 grams per serving. They are easy to chew and swallow. Fiber is best known for it’s ability to relieve issues such as constipation but can provide benefits to your health such as lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It has been proven to help maintain bowel integrity, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and aid in weight loss for those partaking in high fiber diets. Fiber DX is also free of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. Each container contains 80 gummies (40 day supply). The gummies are derived from Chicory, a herb whose root has long been used as a coffee substitute but is now harvested for its insulin fiber content. This content can be found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains as well.

The company was founded on what they call the 3 P principles (People, Planet, Profit). They state they can only feel good about making a profit if they are helping people in a way that doesn’t hurt the planet. They are real people, with a real passion for making a difference.

Gummy Cuties
My children LOVED these vitamins. My oldest daughter has never liked anything “gummy” including candy and surprised me with her extreme desire to continue taking this product! Not only did she like the vitamins, she has been begging me to buy them for her. My youngest daughter has always loved gummy items and these were no exception! The gummies were soft like gummy bears and were not hard for them to chew through. Both my girls requested I purchase the “yummy gummy vitamins”. I decided to hold off on ordering any to see if they would continue to ask and they have. My oldest daughter keeps “reminding” me to order them for her and my youngest looks for them in the mail, store or wherever else she thinks they might be sold or arrive. I was impressed with their reaction to these vitamins and happy to see them enjoy them as well. Below are some statements from my children:

“It taste like lemon without the sour part!” - my oldest daughters thought in regards to her vitamin flavor.

“Can we have more ?” - both daughters have asked for more multiple times.

As a parent I enjoyed the fact that the vitamins were clear of artificial colors as well as common allergens such as peanuts or shellfish. I am all for natural products as I have many allergies and I am constantly worried my daughters might someday develop them also.

Fiber DX
The gummy fiber was also easy to take. It had the texture of a gummy bear without the sugar! For having no sugar they tasted surprisingly sweet and fruity. I was impressed with the flavor and texture of these gummy fiber bites. For those who have a hard time swallowing pills or prefer gummies but cant’ chew thought the hard textured exterior that gummies can have, these are a great source of fiber! I preferred the gummies to swallowing a large pill. If your looking for a daily fiber regime I recommend these fiber chews. They come in grape, orange, strawberry, cherry, lemon and apple flavoring. They are the most enjoyable fiber supplement I have tried.

Based on our trial of these products I would recommend Natural Dynamix Gummy Vites and Fiber Dx. We had a fun and pleasant experience with both products. Additionally I would recommend those with allergies check this product line out as it is free of most common irritants for children and adults.  Additional product line has been pictured below.

These products are made in the USA and more information can be found by visiting or by calling 1-877-222-4026.  This review is my honest opinion on the product sent to me and the information I have read.  Please refer to the site/company for all information needs in regards to this product.

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  1. It's very difficult for parents to let their children take vitamins. I like the idea of making such
    Vitamins that can easily make children take them. Thanks for sharing.


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