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Tastefully Small Finger Sandwiches : Easy Party Sandwiches for All Occasion

Tastefully Small Finger Sandwiches: Easy Party Sandwiches for All Occasions

Kim Hendrickson
ISBN: 978-0-9844315-2-6
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc.
Source: FSB Associates –review copy
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My Synopsis:
“Small bites, big flavor” Whether you’re looking to host a bridal shower, baby shower, super bowl party, ladies luncheon or an old fashion tea party, this recipe book has a sandwich for you. Truly a book for all occasions, Tastefully Small Finger Sandwiches offers a wide variety with big taste for all entertaining needs. The book holds everything from “simple knife cut sandwiches” to “built to impress in ten minutes or less” or fancy sandwich techniques. No matter the party there is a sandwich for all, even if you are just looking for a mommy, daughter tea party.

My Review:
The recipes in this book are fun to sort through. Each of the recipes comes with ‘little bits’ which are helpful hits and ‘other bites’ which are substitutions or variations. There are ten different sections of sandwiches that included beautiful cutter shaped sandwiches, easy open faced sandwiches, sweet sandwiches and kid friendly sandwiches. Each chapter has four to six different sandwich recipes giving the book quite a variety.

I really enjoyed the ideas in this book. There are many shaped sandwiches that give an adorable or special look for whatever event you are planning. The cookbook helps you to think outside the box and explore different options. I didn’t care for most of the original recipes in this book and found that I would rely on the substitutions along with my own variations in order to make a majority of the sandwiches. The recipes are wonderful ideas but are outside of what I consider a normal taste pallet. Recipes like “Cucumber and Shrimp Triangles, “Bacon chutney Tulips” and “Caviar Tipped Rolls” are too extravagant for my taste and budget. The book truly is best for special occasions and events rather than everyday use.

I most enjoyed the “Sandwich Bouquet” and children’s recipes in this cookbook. The book had many wonderful ideas that can be incorporated for simple parties when you are not having a special event. If you’re looking to open a tea room or find recipes served at a tea room this book is for you! The author certainly knows her way around sandwiches and easily conveys her “how to” directions to the reader. I suggest you check this book out before buying it, to make sure it is right for you. If it is I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


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