Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scarlet Nights

Scarlet Nights: An Edilean Novel
Jude Deveraux
ISBN: 978-1-4391-0797-3
Publisher: Atria Books
Source: Book Pleasures

Sara Shaw is engaged to charming and seductive Greg Anders. As a bride-to-be she anticipates their upcoming nuptials set to take place in her hometown of Edilean, Virginia. With everything ready, her groom suddenly leaves mysteriously, three weeks before “I do”, without explanation and with no promise of return. Two days later, due to a rodent issue, Sara moves to her best friend’s apartment and a man, claiming to be her best friends brother, climbs though a trap door in the floor of her bedroom and moves in.

Mike Newland climbed through the trap door of his sisters’ bedroom to find a very shocked and scared Sara Shaw. Though Mike expected her, he did not expect such a feisty lady and now has plenty of damage control to work through if his mission has any chance of succeeding. Mike is telling the truth about his identity but his true reason for being in town runs deeper and will remain secret as long as he can help it. As an undercover detective, Mike’s newest assignment requires him to use Sara to track down a woman who is one of the USA’s most notorious criminals. The woman just happens to be Sara’s future mother-in-law.

Mike’s job is anything but easy this time around as he works outside of his normal environment, in a town where he has roots and secrets run deep, with a girl who is “good” and a case that requires him to share more truth about himself than he wishes. Mike’s personal connections to the town date back to 1941 but even he doesn’t know just how deep his connections lie. Both Sara and Mike open up to each other while working to solve the mysteries they each have, each helping each other to heal from past in order to have a future.

If you only remember three words of this review they should be “Buy It Now”. I absolutely loved Scarlet Nights! Jude’s writing is fast paced, intriguing and sexy. This book is romance and suspense in the most perfect balance. I felt like I was reading a grown up Nancy Drew novel to some degree. The steamy scenes are great and not over done. I was hooked on the novel within the first couple pages; an instant love of the book quickly formed and lasted through the final words. I read the entire book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down!

Jude has a magnetizing and flawless writing style. She provided plenty of story and intrigue that mixed well with the romance between Sara and Mike. She kept me guessing at the answer to the mystery until it was revealed. Though I had some correct thoughts and assumptions, the story was anything but predictable! I will re-read Scarlet Nights multiple times in my future. It is one of those wonderfully addicting stories that will remain on my bookshelf for years to come! If you love romance, light suspense or women’s fiction novels this book is perfect! It mixes the charms and pains of a quaint small town with big city drama and hot steamy romance. Well done Ms. Deveraux! I couldn’t be more pleased.


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