Friday, December 3, 2010

Mackenzie Lost and Found

Mackenzie, Lost and Found
Author: Deborah Kerbel
ISBN: 978-1-55002-852-2
Publisher: Dunburn Press
Source: Review Copy/Publisher
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Mackenzie Lost and Found is an intriguing novel of survival. Mackenzie, who has recently lost her mom in a tragic accident, is hurting, frustrated with her father and sad. When her dad moves them to Israel Mackenzie fully intends to leave with her return ticket to Canada in three months. Mackenzie meets Marla, a US citizen whom she shares a common loss with, and Nasir, a Muslim boy who she forms a forbidden relationship with. Both of these friends will change Mackenzie forever as she discovers herself, deals with her loss and ultimately tries to survive.

I really enjoyed this novel by Deborah Kerbel. Her writing is easy to get lost in. She makes the story come to life as the words seemingly jump off the page. The characters are very real and well developed. I finished this book feeling as if the story actually happened. The author did a wonderful job researching this book. The majority of the novel takes place in Jerusalem, Israel and its surrounding areas. As a result there is a lot of culture, laws, traditions and religions that differ from Mackenzie’s life in Canada. Deborah researched these aspects thoroughly. The novel was a great read; I enjoyed learning a little more about this region, people and culture through the book. It was an insightful story.

I finished this novel quickly and was most uncertain about the ending. The novel leaves the outcome of some aspects to the imagination of the reader. I liked and disliked this aspect. Ultimately I think it is for the best, but at first I just wanted that instant gratification in knowing for sure the outcome of these aspects instead of deciding for myself. As I had time to let the novel process I was happy I wasn’t told a specific ending. It let me be free to think outside of the box and come to my own conclusions even though the book hints towards a particular idea of a conclusion. I would recommend this book for readers twelve and above. The novel is YA in nature but can easily be read and enjoyed by adults also.



  1. A good sign of a great novel: when you aren't sure how it will end. I love books that just have me wondering; it makes me want to finish the book even quicker.

  2. Great review, Tiffany. I've "followed" you, and really enjoyed browsing your blog. We're both members of the Book Blogs network. Come by and see me sometime. I'm putting you on my Blog List when I can get some time to do it!! LOL
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