Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Spotlight: A Wind In Montana

A Wind In Montana
This title is in my review line up!  Here is a sneak peak....

Changes happen...

...and Rory Coleman sees them coming. Knowing he has to do something about it he begins to make decisions for himself. His parents don't seem to be too interested in what he's doing so he's on his own. First he drops out of the school band and basketball programs in order to pursue a prestigious chemistry scholarship. Receiving the scholarship would require that he perform a significant amount of extra schoolwork during his junior and senior years and he's willing to do it if it gets him what he wants. While he awaits a decision on the outcome of his application, Rory's relationship with his first girlfriend has a bad ending. She makes her decision to end their relationship based on her parents' wishes. Her willingness to let them change her life is hard for him to understand.

Months later, he begins a new relationship with Victoria Beach who has some decisions of her own to make. Victoria has a difficult time with her father as he attempts to have her pursue a career in music. The school band teacher complicates matters for both of them because he felt insulted when Rory left the band program. Not only does he try to prevent Rory from receiving the scholarship, he also tries to come between them, believing Rory will influence Victoria to drop out of the band program as well.

The pressure on Victoria to pursue a career in music is multiplied when a music instructor from Germany, who developed feelings for Victoria at a music camp, has convinced her father that her best career opportunities would develop if she were to attend a music conservatory in Berlin. Rory dreads the thought of Victoria going to school in Europe, but respects and enforces her right to choose. They realize that if they don't pursue what they want, they will be letting themselves down by pursuing a course defined for them by others. Will Rory and Victoria make the right choices?

About the Author:

Mitch Davies was born in Canada and spent 40 years there before moving to the desert of Arizona. He is a true child of the media having grown up with a father who worked his entire career in the film industry. The house he grew up in had a television on from the time he woke up until he went to bed. An English teacher sparked an interest in reading for Mitch and he had a new influence of stories and a new goal, to write. The influence of stories, whether real or made up, was always present. Due to this exposure, Mitch viewed most of life's occurrences as scenes for a story. The results are visible in his work and he hopes you will enjoy them.

A Wind In Montana can be purchased via the following links:
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As stated above I have my copy of this book and I will be reviewing it.  Stay tuned... a little birdie whispered something about a giveaway with my completed review....

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  1. Will be looking for your review of this one -- sounds great.

    How interesting that the author moved from snowy Canada to the desert of Arizona :)


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