Monday, January 31, 2011

Wallie Exercises

Wallie ExercisesSteve Ettinger
Illustrated by Pete Proctor
ISBN: 978-0-9845388-0-5
Publisher: Active Spud Press
Source: BookPleasures

Wallie is a wonderful dog but he has a problem, Wallie is super lazy! He never goes outside to play with the other dogs and he won’t play fetch with his boy. Instead he just sits and watches TV while eating junky food until his boy convinces him to go on an adventure and get in shape. Along the way Wallie learns fitness concepts with help from his Elephant fitness instructor. His journey is quite funny and a little silly but very important! Wallie is challenged to exercise as well as learn why his exercise is important. Will Wallie learn to exercise properly or will he stay pudgy and return to his lazy ways?

Wallie Exercises is a wonderful book! My children loved it, I loved it and their grandma loved it. We have had oodles of fun reading this book and then practicing the lesson it teaches. The book is written in four stanza rhymes and is very easy to read as well as understand. The characters are adorable and funny, they attract your attention easily. The book flows well making the transition from page to page pass quickly. It was quite fun to read aloud. Along with the words are vivid and colorful illustrations that tickle your funny bone. If you have ever exercised, you will be able to understand Wallie and the hurdles he attempts to cross in order to exercise for the first time in a long time.

One of my favorite aspects about this book was the last couple pages. At the end of the story there are instructions for exercise ideas and healthy reminders of what you should do when exercising. Exercise is explained in regards to why it is important for your body and mind. It also explains why warm-ups and hydration are an important part of your exercise routine. Challenges questions are given to make children think outside the box and answers are provided to help stimulate the thought process.

Overall this book is a wonderful example to children who might need to be reminded why TV, computers and video games should be used in moderation. A healthy daily exercise routine is important for everyone, even if you’re playing tag, soccer, basketball or any other physical activity that you enjoy. My children love this book and I enjoy reading it to them. The book encourages healthy exercise along with physician consultation when it comes to what exercises are right for your individual child. I would recommend it for children 0– 8 years of age. It would make a wonderful gift for any child.


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