Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enticing New Release

Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal
Author: Conor Grennan
ISBN: 9780061930058
Publisher: William Morrow
Source: Shelf Awareness

About the Memoir
 [taken from the back cover of my ARC]

It was well after nightfall when I realized we had gone the wrong way.

The village I had been looking for was somewhere up the mountain,...if we could even find the trail in the pitch-dark.  My two porters and i had been walking for almost thirteen hours straight.  Winter at night in the mountains of northwestern Nepal is bitterly cold, and we had no shelter.  Two of our three flashlights had burned out.  Worse, we were deep in a Maoist rebel stronghold, not far from where a colleague had been kidnapped almost exactly one year before....I wondered how things would have been different if I hadn't gotten hurt.  Or if I hadn't split from my team, or if I hadn't decided to wait on that mountain for a helicopter that never came.  It didn't matter now.  What did matter was figuring out how we would get through the night.

Wow, what a memoir!  Little Princes is a compelling read.  The book is an eye-opening experience of the world around us.  Nepal for me is an intriguing place.  I find myself reading about it often.  The memoir is one of courage, selflessness and hope as Connor endures many different situations in a corrupt and dangerous land.  As a mother, it was difficult to read about the child trafficking and everything the children endure and suffer through, yet rewarding and uplifting to know that children have been reunited with their parents.  While the book has many serious aspects it also had moments of laughter to help ease some of the more serious situations.  Overall, it is a optimistic book full of love, faith and hope as one man vows to help change the lives of others.  It challenges you to put yourself aside and think of others.  The world around us is bigger than our home, our city, our state and our country.  We can make a difference in all of these places, we can at least be thankful for what we have and what we are for the most part protected from. I would recommend this book.  It is quite compelling and thought provoking.

Helpful Information
The purchase of this book helps the children of Nepal through charities that have been set up and are already working to make the lives of children in nepal better.  You can visit  http://www.nextgenerationnepal.org/ to find out more.  I urge you to check out this site in addition to reading Little Princes.

About the Author
Conor Grennan volunteered in Nepal at the Little Princes Children’s Home in the village of Godawari in 2004. He eventually returned to Nepal to launch Next Generation Nepal (NGN), a nonprofit organization dedicated to reconnecting trafficked children with their families in postwar Nepal. [http://www.nextgenerationnepal.org/] Conor graduated from the University of Virginia and the NYU Stern School of Business. He currently resides in the NYC area with his wife and son.

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