Thursday, January 6, 2011

CSN Stores Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review my choice of product from CSN If you are unfamiliar with CSN Stores, they are a site with multiple other sites linked together. Shoppers are virtually able to find any product they need through this site. They are best known for their furniture but also sell items such as children’s toys and other household items. I have been looking for a bookshelf nightstand and headed to CSN Stores site Bedroom Here I found an affordable night stand, the Libra Nightstand in Black.
CSN Stores is now Wayfair.  Please visit

Ordering & Shipping

The ordering process was as simple as can be and took no time at all. The product was well displayed and had adequate information in regards to color options, size, weight and cost. I really enjoyed that shipping was included in the cost of the item. This enabled me to know exactly how much I would be spending before adding the product to my cart. I placed my order on 12/8 and was notified it had shipped on 12/10. Along with my shipping notification was a message letting me know I had been selected for a free upgrade in shipping as a thank you for shopping with CSN stores. This was wonderful as well as highly unexpected!! I am not sure how often the store does this but it was much appreciated as I am a first time customer. It made a wonderful impression on me. My item arrived on 12/15 giving it 3 business days to arrive to me.


This product was well packaged. Everything fit tightly in the box for minimal shifting during transit ensuring no items arrived damaged. However, the product was very dusty and had to be cleaned off before it could be assembled.


This was so easy to assemble! The directions are easy to understand, straight forward and clear. A screwdriver and hammer are required. All pieces were marked for quick matching with the illustrated instructions.


 What I Liked

This product is all wood, though not solid wood. It was easy to assemble and lightweight making it easy to move. It has one adjustable shelf that can be placed in three different spots for your height needs. If you plan to use it for larger books you will only get the use of one shelf as the shelf on its lowest setting makes the bottom shelf virtually useless.

The shelves hold 35-40 mass paperbacks. The paperbacks fit 3 rows deep with about 13 books across. I fit 39 per shelf. The shelves are very deep which is nice for storage.

What I Didn’t Like

The top table section of this nightstand had a scruff mark that appears to be an error in production rather than shipping due to discoloration.

The back of the night stand is hard wood but comes in two pieces rather than one solid piece. This inevitably makes a gap (no matter how hard you try) that is visible to the eye when you look through the shelves. If you won’t see the back it is not a big deal. If you plan to use the shelves minimally you might not be happy seeing a line down the back.


Great product! It is durable, easy to assemble and move. It looks great and serves my purpose as a bookshelf for smaller paperbacks and other items as well as my nightstand. The product is true to size specifications and is considered to be good value for the price. It is what it is.

Suggested Use

Any bedroom, best for a teenager or college dorm due to size. If you have a high bed this is not the best nightstand.  It works great as a bookshelf for small paperbacks.  If you looking for a nightstand with lots of storage and you have hardcover or larger paperbacks this is not your best option. 

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