Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Author: Thomas M Sullivan
ISBN: 978-1-60174-085-4
Publisher: Unical Press
Source: From author for review

“Life in the Slow Lane” is the humorous account of Thomas Sullivan’s short career in Drivers education. Thomas, who has worked in various industries due to obtaining a Bachelors' in History with a minor in Business, a Masters in Agricultural Economics and Associates in cartography, landed a part time job as a driver’s Ed instructor through an announcement of job openings on craigslist. To sum it up in his words, the book is “My wisdom gleaned from my time behind the wheel. So, buckle up, check the warranty date on the airbag, and enjoy the ride.”

This memoir of sorts was an engaging and humorous account of the perils and headaches of a driver’s Ed instructor. Mixed within the stories are the heartwarming accounts of students who make their instructors proud along with the fearful stories of students that will probably never learn to drive safely, but somehow have a license. Sullivan has a light hearted and comical approach to his writing though the stories, thoughts and feelings shared are not always light hearted in nature. The book has some deeper issues if you care to partake in the thoughts and analysis of them, but I preferred to sit back, laugh and enjoy the ride!

The book takes the reader through the hiring and interview process, training, corporate policies and greed and into the driver’s seat. All aspects are covered including unruly parents, no show appointments, car failure, over worked instructors, an out of touch boss and driving mishaps. Overall it has many laugh out loud moments that keep you firmly rooted in your current job, with one eye looking out for perilous road warriors. It is sure to bring some smiles amidst the stories, as well as frustration with workplace policies, procedures and lack of care.

I found the book to be satisfying for what it is. Mr. Sullivan writes with ease, brings laughter and has some interesting stories to tell. It’s a good one time read. The book is available on Amazon in electronic format and is inexpensive to purchase. If you like this book you can check out his other titles at



  1. I can't imagine being a driver's ed instructor, lol. I have not taught my daughter to drive, and when she wants to learn, I am definitely sending her to driving school :)
    This sounds like a fun, fast read, although it may make you think twice when out on the road about the skills of the person in the next lane :)

  2. Aren't we all living life in the slow lane? At least, that's what if feels like to me. I generally like to drive faster than some people (not that I'm a speed demon, of course.) But this is definitely a metophor for LIFE, especially now.


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