Sunday, February 6, 2011

Question of the Day featuring Michael Phillips

Angel Harp: A Novel

Question 4 of my interview with Michael gives insight into what the publishing process is like for him as well as general insights into the process for aspiring authors!

What was the publishing process like?

That is such a complicated question I wouldn’t know how to begin. The short answer is that it is a lot of work! It’s probably harder than many who haven’t experienced it realize. Handing in a manuscript is only the beginning. I sometimes tell people that the editorial process is as difficult as writing the book in the first place.

Part of that is because of the way I approach my writing. All authors aren’t like this, but for me a book is a complete package. I want to be involved in all aspects of how a book is produced. I am a very hands on author. I drive editors and publishers crazy, I suppose. But all the parts of the process are so important to me—believe it or not, down to such a detail as how a book smells. When I am writing, I am envisioning not a mere story but an entire finished book. Obviously, the cover is of great concern to me, along with all the editorial details, how the text looks on a page…everything. So all this makes the writing of a book only Phase 1. Then the process of turning it into a finished book that I will be proud of becomes Phase 2. For me, everything comes down to what I will think and feel when I see the book on my own bookshelf—will I be proud of it. Believe it or not, there are some of my books whose finished “packages” are so poorly conceived (in my opinion) that, though I am proud of the content, I am not proud enough of them as complete books that I enjoy giving them away. The content that I produce only represents one element. But the whole book is a whole book.

What's something Michael wishes he knew about the publishing business before hand?  Find out tomorrow!!

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