Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question of the Day with Michael Phillips

Angel Harp: A Novel
Question 14 of 25

What are you currently reading?

Along with my ongoing dose of Wodehouse, I am reading again George MacDonald’s longest novel, Donal Grant…786 pages. I am reading it in the original, not my edited edition.

Some years ago, our family was shattered by an encounter with some people in England who set out to destroy us as a family. Curiously enough, it all began as a result of a very warm fan letter we received from them because they really liked my books. Unfortunately, I did not have my spiritual antennae up. Before I realized what was happening, we were blindsided and shattered and traumatized and Judy and I did not see two of our sons for years. We’ve still not totally recovered. The destructive influences will probably be with Judy and me for the rest of our lives. There has still been no thorough resolution.

In any event, I am still struggling to understand the whole thing better. In consequence, I am also reading Scott Peck’s People of the Lie. More than you wanted to know. Sorry.

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