Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flightless Goose

Flightless GooseWritten by Eric D Goodman
Illustrated by Nataliya Goodman
ISBN: 978-0975440254
Publisher: The Writer’s Lair Books
*To purchase please visit http://www.flightlessgoose.com/ or click the image to your left for Amazon*

Gilbert the goose is just like all of his other geese friends. He can swim, run, and fly. He loves to play with his friends and is very happy on his pond, until one day when Gilbert is hit by a car. The doctor patches Gilbert up but warns him that he will never be able to fly again. Though helpful at first, soon his friends are teasing him and playing mean tricks on him, calling him “The Flightless Goose”. Gilbert is very sad and when winter comes he is left all alone during the migration. Gilbert learns a lot over the winter and soon is as fast as can be on his feet! Gilbert learned to run! When some strangers visit the pond that spring and attempt to kidnap the geese Gilbert saves the day and soon learns being different is what makes him great!

I loved this story! The book is a great reminder to make the best of every situation. It shares a valuable lesson that being different and unique from others makes us special and great. Along with the story were some wonderful illustrations that made me smile. The illustrations capture the essence of the story along with the child like mid set. I was very pleased. The only thing I would change about this book is the odd orientation of six of the pages. While the rest of the book reads in a horizontal set up, these six pages read vertical making the reader rotate the book in order to read it. I found this transition awkward and unsmooth.

Overall the book is a wonderful story full of great illustrations. The book comes with a bonus CD that holds the audio version of this book if you buy it directly from its website at http://www.flightlessgoose.com/. I highly recommend this! My four year old daughter loves listening to the audio version of this book in the car or while she falls asleep at night. I recommend this book for children ages 2-8.

*To purchase Flightless Goose and receive the companion Audio CD visit http://www.flightlessgoose.com/*
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