Friday, October 29, 2010

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…. Holiday Cards!!!

It is no secret that along with my love of books is a mutual love for paper! I love all paper products and stationary! Back to school shopping is one of the most exciting times of year! I can go crazy with personalized paper products, note cards, pens, memo pads… anything really!! So, naturally with my LOVE for the Holiday Season, excitement builds when I order my families Christmas Cards. The idea of photo Christmas cards was in my opinion one of the best! I love opening the mail during late November and all of December to find a card from friends or family with updated pictures! It is so personalized and special. I never throw them away like I do at the end of the season for stock mass market cards. I put each photo card that I receive in a special scrapbook! I love comparing them year after year, especially as the kids are growing. Naturally, I send out photo cards! I feel it is a better way to spend my money while still accomplishing the goal of wishing a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday’s to our family and friends!

Over the years I have used MANY different photo companies to achieve this highly anticipated goal each year. I have not found a better quality, selection or user friendly site than Shutterfly. I use Shutterfly for virtually all my photo needs because I love the quality product that comes back to me. The images are sharp and crisp. The cards and stationary are durable and well made with quality paper products. The site is very user friendly and makes editing my photo’s easy. They also have a photo sharing website program that is free to join! Of course I have done this…. Anyhow, I started looking for my Holiday Photo Cards this year and instantly went to Shutterfly. I was amazed to see another wonderful selection of over 500 card designs. They even have cards in Spanish! (Tarjetas de Navidad) Cards are offered in a flat or folded style with the option of no photo, single photo or multiple photos! Whether you want 2, 3 or a collage of photos, Shutterfly has something for you! It’s like the Mecca of photo card companies! The cards come in a variety of options including the greetings printed on the card. This is particularly handy if you want to send Happy Hanukkah instead of Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas etc. There are also many that have a religious Christmas card saying for those looking to send a reason for the season, joy, peace or love along with their family photo card. I think one of my favorite parts of Shutterfly’s many options is looking through this virtual gallery of cards! While I easily zero in on the style or designs I like, I am always impressed with the ideas that Shutterfly gives with their photo cards. While browsing designs you easy see that your photo card is customizable to help fit your year! Were your married? Had a baby? Went on a great trip? Graduated?? Shutterfly easily shows many different types of cards with all of these life events to help the user realize how they can utilize the photo Christmas card with their specific life events for the past year! Great right??

So, I’m browsing and seeing what I like this year. There is “Peppermint Bliss”, “Mod Snowflakes”, “Modern Merry Squares” “Vintage Noel”, “Snow Flurries Cocoa”, "Love 2010" and “Framed with Love”. So many options that I love! I arrive a few pages in to find TOP TEN MOMENTS OF 2010! Whoa, slow down, you mean to tell me I don’t have to type a big long newsletter to include with my photo card? I can just list the top 10 moments and summarize?? UM, YES PLEASE!! I loved this card! It was new, fresh, original…. All those words! I have not honestly seen one like this in the past and if I missed it, shame on me! This would be a new and different type of card for our year, and now I am excited! I decide that this will have to be how I utilize Shutterfly’s services this year. I can easily cut down my time spent in preparing the photo cards & letters by combining them all into one! Phew, thanks Santa!! : )

Okay so you know I love paper, you know I love Shutterfly and you have probably guessed I love photo’s seeing I mentioned scrapbooking! Take my advice and visit Shutterfly this year…. You can make Christmas Party Invitations or Christmas gift tags as well! It will be worth the effort!  : )

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this site Tiffany...sounds great :)

    School supply shopping was always my favorite thing to do in September :)


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