Thursday, October 28, 2010

Georgia’s Kitchen

Georgia's Kitchen

Author: Jenny Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4391-7333-6
Publisher: Gallery Books (A division of Simon and Schuster)
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Georgia’s life seems to be right on track. She is the head chef of Marco, a popular hit restaurant in New York City, which is about to receive a three fork review that will set Georgia on the path of her dreams. Her upcoming nuptials are only weeks away and soon she will have almost everything she has planned, aside from the children. Unfortunately for Georgia, plans change, life throws curve balls and people are finicky. All in one fateful day Georgia’s life changes setting her on course to rebuild and rediscover herself. Georgia finds herself in the heart of Italy opening up a restaurant for a friend while learning and healing. What Georgia once found to me the most disastrous day of her life, ends up to be the best thing that could ever have happened to her. With determination and hard work, Georgia leaves Italy to make her dreams come true, finding happiness in the process.

Georgia’s Kitchen was a delightful read for me. I really enjoyed how the story starts and end in New York City while stopping off in romantic Italy for a spell. The chef topic and culinary aspects were wonderful and well researched. The author was authentic and seemed to know her way around the biz. I really enjoyed the characters in this novel. They were all well developed and understood. Each brought a little something different to the story and I can’t imagine the novel without each of them. This novel encompassed a lot of topics and I felt each was explored adequately. Georgia’s fateful day almost makes the reader happy for her, even though you know you’d be devastated at the time. The character has obvious talent and charm that ensures the reader she will be okay no matter where she plants her feet.

The writing style of this novel was my least favorite part. While most of it was easy to read, some parts were a little difficult for me to move though as they bored me with too much detail. These sections had detail that was not pertinent to the storyline. I understood them because of the culinary references but didn’t really feel they were quite needed in the book. They seemed to take away from the book rather than add to it for me. Overall, I read this novel fairly quickly and enjoyed it! It is worth the time and effort to read, especially if you love culinary novels or a good chick lit. The novel is very up to date in its terms and internet media references. I enjoyed many aspects of this novel despite the very few counterparts. I would recommend it to a friend and I look foward to reading another novel from this debut author.

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