Monday, October 25, 2010

Princess and Missy’s Magical Adventures: The Crystal Heart

Princess and Missy's Magical Adventures: The Crystal Heart
Michelle Nicole Martin
ISBN 978-1-4327-4954-5
Outskirts Press

Princess wanders from her family at Lake Wizotopia and soon finds that they have disappeared and she is all alone. When Princess is kicked out by her landlord Bull Dog because she has no money, she is left on her own with no home of her own. Princess sleeps in the alleys and eats scraps from the garbage until one night when she meets a girl named Nicole. Nicole is lost. Princess helps Nicole find her way home and from here a series of events take place that mark Princess as a wonderful dog. Soon Princess wanders into a magical forest and meets Missy, a multi colored butterfly, who has watched Missy perform her helpful stunts. She decides Missy deserves a reward, a pink crystal heart that has magical powers! Princess begins to experience many magical and wonderful surprises along with obstacles and a job to do. Will she be able to complete her task? Only the story will tell.

The Crystal Heart is a delightful fantasy story about a dog names Princess and her animal friends. The animals are all kind hearted and do good deeds to help better the lives of others. Along with everything good comes something evil and in this story it is a woman named Jaith who tries to do whatever possible to steal the joy the magical animals give to others through their good deeds. Of course good always trumps evil right?

I thought this was a cute and imaginative story with a good moral. The book has a few pictures that are black and white and consist of nine chapters and forty-seven pages. I would suggest this book for children 6-10 years of age. The book comes complete with a game in the last chapter where readers decide which places in the story were real and which were fantasy. It provides the answers with descriptions and gives the author and illustrators contact information too! It is a cute book for early readers just starting on their own or middle readers that fly solo but still like to see a few pictures.

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