Friday, August 6, 2010

Backseat Saints

Backseat Saints
Joshilyn Jackson
Hachette Book Group

Rose Mae has always had bad men in her life. After her mama disappeared when she was 8, Rose’s daddy, an alcoholic, turns to hitting her instead of her mama. When Ro meets Thom Grandee she knows he is bad from start, but has never lived differently. She has now been married to Thom for five years, when she meets a gypsy in the airport while dropping off a neighbor. The gypsy reads her three cards, one of her past, one of her present and one of her future. The gypsy’s message is clear, “Kill your husband or he will kill you”. Ro leaves the airport shaking because she knows the truth, it’s not if he will kill her, it’s when. Ro sets out to save herself and in the process learns about herself, who she is and who she wants to be. If she can live.

Backseat Saints is addicting from the beginning until the end. You will not want to put this book down. The author captures you from the start and leaves you breathless by the end. She does a wonderful job with such a dark, taboo subject. The book follows the journey of a woman who knows it is her life or his, and decides to fight for herself. She sheds her persona and finds herself, the eight year old girl left behind to start new. The story brings you through her past and into her present in order for her to have a future. It is courageous, riveting and comical at points. The title encompasses Ro’s Catholicism and belief in the saints to help her along her journey, knowing she cannot do it alone. She is as much saving herself from her husband as she is from herself.

This book left me breathless at points. I actually realized I was holding my breath because I was so addicted and involved in Ro’s journey. The book leaves you satisfied and aware. You begin to understand more about the topic of domestic abuse, along with the feelings and reasons that women stay and leave. Ro’s journey is inspiring, in that you want to help her help everyone else who may be in this same situation. It was a wonderfully written story and a great read. I would very much recommend this book! It will open you eyes, leave you in awe and make you appreciate your world around you.

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  1. I've read/listened to all of Joshilyn Jackson's books. I'm glad there's a new one out.


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