Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Skinny On Real Estate Investing

The Skinny on Real Estate Investing: An Introduction to the SubjectJim Randel
RAND Publishing

Written by Jim Randel who has been an active real estate investor for thirty years, The Skinny On Real Estate Investing is the first of a three part series on the subject and is meant to help the reader decide if real estate investing is right for him. His credentials range from single family homes to multi-family properties and include retail centers and other commercial spaces as well as land. The advice comes from his success and failures along with his extensive knowledge on the subject. The goals of the book are simple; introduce the subject to the reader enabling them to better understand the job of a real estate investor and to “disabuse the notion of real estate investing as a get rich quick scenario”. This book is not for those who are thinking quick and easy money, but rather for the serious hard working person who has a sincere interest in the subject matter or it looking to further their knowledge.

The book is set up according to Randel's easy to read guide. Its’ comic book style enables the reader to learn about the subject of real estate investing through Billy and Beth, as previously seen in “The Skinny On” series. Billy and Beth enable the reader to learn in an interactive, fun and easy style. The book can be read in about an hour for the average reader. In this short amount of time the reader is given a wealth of useful and practical knowledge on the subject of real estate investing. It was very easy to understand and follow. The book tells the truth about the topic and does not try to persuade a person to start the path of real estate investing without the full knowledge of how it works and what you will get yourself into. The book uses humor, wit and practical knowledge to get important topics and points across to the reader. It is a very quick and enjoyable read that is totally worth the investment.

As previously stated, the book is the first of it’s’ series on the topic. It is designed for readers who want to know if real estate investing is right for them. It is also useful as an overview for readers committed to the three part series as it sets a foundation for key investment strategies in preparation for a life time of investments. It is a must have for anyone interested in the topic of real estate investing or buying their own home. Do not start your journey without the proper research! This book is a great start and has plenty of suggestions for further education and reading on the topic. The book even comes with a handy bookmark outlining key terms the reader will need to understand.

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