Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Boss

The Boss
Author: Andrew O’Keeffe
ISBN: 978-1-929774-89-0
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press

When Lauren Johnson’s boss “Deadly-Di” crosses’ the line for the last time, Lauren starts her search for another job with a less poisonous boss. Once offered her dream job, Lauren couldn’t be anymore excited to resign and leave “Deadly-Di” behind. Thrilled to be working for Meg Montgomery, who comes highly recommended, Lauren accepts the position and joins Harlow Kane. Unfortunately her first day is full of surprises. Meg resigns and Lauren is left on her own with five top executive bosses, who she feels she should have investigated further. As Lauren’s story unfolds the true colors of each boss and their styles of management become apparent. Her survival depends on her ability to adapt and cope without loosing sight of who she is and what she stands for. Armed with Aesop’s fables as her method of understanding others, Lauren takes charge and learns a little about herself in the process.

“The Boss” was the most realistic fiction novel! At time I had to remind myself it was fiction and not part of my own history with bosses I have had or dealt with. O’Keeffe does a wonderful job of exposing the horrible structures of corporate executives along with sharing compliments for the ones who are truly making a difference. The novel easily points out how destructive we can be to each other in the workplace if we are not careful. The main focus of the novel is on the bosses, managers, and those in leadership roles, however it also examines co-workers and the worker as an individual. It is full of humor, insight, education, drama, self-preservation, courage and triumph. It is a must read for anyone who has ever had a bad boss or co-worker.

I found myself engrossed in this novel. Specific moments or chapters hit home hard, as I felt for Lauren because I have been there also. No matter what level of a corporation you are in, you have a boss. I believe almost all bosses fit into one of the categories described in this novel. It can be infuriating and completely frustrating to deal with. “The Boss” sheds light on an important topic as well as giving helpful information to readers, in hopes that they might also triumph in their own positions. The novel is laced with humor at all the right points, giving the reader a break from the horror of the realistic characters.

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