Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Skinny on Networking: Maximizing the Power of Numbers

The Skinny on Networking: Maximizing the Power of NumbersAuthor: Jim Randel
ISBN: 978-0984441815
Publisher: Rand Media Co

The Skinny on Networking takes a direct, fast and teachable approach to networking. It is written in comic book style, as all “The Skinny On” books I have read so far do. This unique style caters to the readers’ attention span, sharing useful and important information in a manner that captures your attention. The entire book takes about an hour to read and leaves you with a wealth of knowledge, sure to help you maximize your time, potential and your network!

The book has three main characters, the author as himself, along with Billy and Beth, a married couple. Billy and Beth are used as examples throughout the book to help drive home points and help the reader understand the current situation or topic being discussed. It is amazing how easy book makes learning. As the reader advances on in this book, he or she is enabled to become more interested and more open to the suggestions because of the authors’ style and direct easy to understand approach. The information is practical and full of common sense and useful learning techniques.

The only topic I wished to review in this book, that was not discussed directly, was networking for parents. The book states that the more time you invest in networking the better your network and intern career will be. The suggested time you spend per week is five to ten hours, as stated by leading experts. For single parents or parents working opposite shifts this is nearly impossible. I would have been very interested to read a few bubbles with tips for this specific group. As everyone needs a network, the amount of time you can spend largely deals with your lifestyle and family. I found the internet tips helpful in this area of concern.

Overall it is a wonderful, helpful and useful publication. It would be great to use in a college classroom or corporate workshop. I wish I would have had this book in college. I learned much more in one hour than an entire semester. Granted the internet has become even more useful in the art of networking since then. The book offers plenty of instruction and extra reading material on the topic for those readers interested in further exploration.

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