Thursday, August 26, 2010

Simple Secrets

Simple Secrets: Can Love Overcome Evil in the Mennonite Town of Harmony, Kansas? (The Harmony Series, Book 1)
Nancy Mehl
Barbour Publishing Inc

Grace Temple feels her life is going according to plan; she is living in Wichita and works for a midsize adverting firm that is looking to grow. As a successful graphic designer, Gracie is confident her artistic abilities and knows she has what it takes to help make the firm great. Everything is going smoothly until her father calls with news that her Uncle Ben, whom she has never met, has died and left his entire estate to her. Gracie is confused, but decides to take a two week leave from work and heads to the small town of Harmony, Kansas to retriever her family heirlooms and to sell her uncles' estate. Gracie plans to get this over with as soon as possible. Harmony has been the source of pain and trouble for her family in the past. She arrives to find the town alive, refreshed and completely different, yet there is still a darkness looming over the town. In a letter left to her by her late uncle, Gracie learns the terrible secret that held her uncle captive in this town. The secret revealed throws Gracie into a twist and turn of events. Her simple visit is now dangerous and full of mystery. Determined to find the truth and clear her family name, Gracie discovers bits and pieces at a time with the help of Sam Goodrich. Sam and Gracie find themselves falling in love, but know that Gracie is only in town for two weeks. Both are forced to rely on their faith in God in order to decide what’s important before it’s too late, for someone else knows Gracie’s uncle’s secret and is determined to run Gracie out of town.

Simple Secrets is a thrilling, twisting and turning journey as the reader discovers the secret of Harmony and the darkness of the path that has kept the town from moving on completely. The town is plagued by the past, a secret buried alive that wants to find its way out. Only the truth can finally bury this secret once and for all. The main character, Gracie Temple is forced to uncover the secrets’ truth. With help she does this, but the reader will be confused and unsure until the end. There were multiple times I thought I knew what happened, only to discover a few chapters later that I was wrong. I was baffled until the end. The author does an amazing job of weaving her story throughout the town and the book without giving away the mystery. It was truly refreshing.

This novel was wonderful! The authors’ writing is easy to follow, easy to read, intriguing and suspenseful. I was completely satisfied at the end of this book, yet ready to read the next installment in the series. I am very interested in how the author will develop the series along with the characters. Simple Secrets is a book about family, love, friendship, forgiveness and overcoming the hurt and pain of the past. It was touching. I really enjoyed reading it and learned quite a few things throughout the book. I would suggest this book as a must read, it has a little of everything and will renew your faith in God and others.

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