Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Ice Cream Theory

The Ice Cream TheorySteff Deschenes
ISBN: 978-14-392300-53
Publisher: Book Surge

The Ice Cream Theory is essentially a parallel of the author’s life relationships and situations compared to ice cream flavors. She is infatuated beyond measure with this delectable dessert, which she has loved from a young age. Slowly throughout her life, relationships and events have brought about a match too her love, ice cream. For each of these relationships she shares about the person, the flavor and how she associates them together, brining her “theory” into perspective. The theory started with a single event, her first heartache, and her parents’ method of helping to ease that heartache, a challenge and a reward. From this point on her book was a life in the making, her theory that “people are drawn to or repelled by other people much as they are to flavors of ice cream.” Essentially “people crave certain personalities at different stages in their life in the same way they crave ice cream flavors.”

The Ice Cream Theory offers charming, erratic, and funny heartfelt stories and insights into the authors’ life and personality. This helps the reader to understand a little of how she became who she is, and intern she reveals her infatuation for ice cream. While I’m not certain you could really call this a general theory, she makes it work for her. The book starts off a little confusing as the author explains her theory and then admits the theory really has no common base for everyone. In order for the theory to work, you must first love ice cream enough to have had experience with multiple flavors, and second you have to apply this general thought to you own life, settling on decisions and stereotypes for yourself. There is no set flavor for a set type or personality. If you take all this into consideration and read the book for the stories and parallels you will most likely get more out of it.

I found the authors writing interesting and intriguing at times. On the flipside, some of the writing is more erratic, in that she will be mid story and stop every so often to add ramblings. It reminded me of times when I avoid certain people because I don’t have the time for a lengthy conversation and I know the person likes to talk. The reader is left with the impression that the author is a smart, happy, energetic, talkative individual who appreciates the lessons learned in her life and absolutely loves ice cream. I had trouble getting into this book and staying interested. However, it did have many different parallels of the authors’ life, love, and friends and of course ice cream flavors that were at points easy to read and see how she arrived at this theory for her life. My least favorite flavor was champagne. A few of my favorites were Banana Split and Chocolate, chocolate Chip. I highly suggest if you decide to read this book, you go into it with an open mind, allowing yourself to create your own theory, even if ice cream isn’t involved.

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