Friday, August 6, 2010

Refuge on Crescent Hill

Refuge on Crescent Hill: A NovelAuthor: Melanie Dobson
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 978-0-8254-2590-5

After returning from a photo shoot in Indonesia, Camden Bristow finds herself without a job, and in debt. Fount magazine has gone bankrupt due to the economy and everyone has disappeared along with her pay check. With her savings drained and no hope for another job, Camden decides to make a long overdue trip to visit her beloved grandma, Rosalie. Upon arriving in Ohio, Camden learns her grandmother has recently passed away and left her home, Crescent Hill, to Camden. Crescent Hill has always been the only constant in Camden’s life. It has been a security and safe place for her. While dealing with the loss of her grandmother, Crescent Hill suddenly becomes insecure and unsafe. Unsure of who she can trust, Camden is thrown into the unknown, and soon discovers the many secrets of Crescent Hill and the Bristow family. Camden’s life will change forever and she is forced to re-evaluate and learn how to better trust in God. Refuge on Crescent Hill is more than just a title for this book. It harbors the truth and lessons in this wonderful novel.

Refuge on Crescent Hill is a page turner. From the moment you begin reading this entertaining novel, you will want to know more. It is mystery and suspense wrapped up in historical fiction. I loved the historical fiction that engulfed this story. The author does a wonderful job of bringing four unique stories into one, interweaving them until they blend at the end. Each character is well developed and bring something unique to the story. This book fit’s the well known saying “It’s a small world”. The characters are brought together by the one secret of Crescent Hill that impacts them all.

While the story was somewhat predictable at times, there are many unpredictable moments that will surprise you and keep you wondering. The book was very hard to put down. I really enjoyed reading this novel and would recommend it to readers who enjoy historical fiction, mystery, suspense, genealogy or Christian fiction. I personally do not like to read the mystery or suspense genre, but this novel captivated me and I really enjoyed reading it. It was enough to keep you wondering and reading, but not too much so that it leaves you jumpy or scared. It is wonderfully entertaining and easy to read and enjoy for readers of all ages.

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