Friday, August 6, 2010

Genoa Bay

Genoa Bay: A NovelAuthor: Bette Nordberg
Publisher: Monarch Books
ISBN: 978-0-8254-6296-2
After loosing her pilot husband in a navy jet crash, Brandy Beauchamp is left a widow with a daughter to raise on her own. To further complicate things, she has spent the time since her husbands death fighting the navy for the rights to his life insurance and the entirety of his will due to the neglect of the navy loosing his will. Brandy, who has been working fulltime, while trying to raise her daughter has not moved on wither her life. She feels stuck in a life created with her husband, a life she no longer fits into. Unable to move on, Brandy receives news that her friend Maggie, a woman who has been like a mother to her, is dying. She leaves immediately for Vancouver Island. After Maggie’s funeral she learns that she has inherited Maggie’s love, a bed and breakfast Brandy spent her teenage years growing up in. Though the establishment is run down, Brandy sees an opportunity to finally be able to move on with her life and heal. Brandy and her daughter Gabby leave Florida and move to Genoa Bay with determination and doubt taking equal holds in Brandy’s’ emotions. The property is run down and needs attention. It has a beautiful view that inspires Brandy to restore it to it’s former glory. When Brandy meets Herbert, Karras, a local property developer, she learns her task will not be easy. Herbert has different plans and will stop at nothing to achieve them. Genoa Bay is a novel of love, healing, and new beginnings. It is Brandy’s story and struggles conquered. It will entice you and keep you until the end.

Written in a style that mimics a memoir, Genoa Bay is a relatable story of grief, loss, sacrifice, hard work and determination. It gives the reader the sense that they know Brandy and what she is going through. Brandy is like every mom, she wants to take care of her child and provide for her, but at the same time she wants to be happy also. The move to Genoa Bay is not a decision that comes easily to her, however she listens with her heart and trust in God’s leading. The novel is beautifully written. The characters are wonderfully evolved, each bringing excitement and importance to Brandy’s’ life. The entire book makes you feel as if you are on Vancouver Island with these characters.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. There were surprises and interesting tidbits, which I felt added to the story line. The author did a wonderful job coming up with an original story. The only thing I would change about this book is the cover. The fire gives away to much of the story. It also doesn’t go well with the title. I envisioned seeing the bed and breakfast view of Genoa Bay. I thought the bed and breakfast would look great pronounced, yet giving you the view of the marina and other houses along with the bay, the way the guest would see it. I didn’t feel the cover art did the story justice. It takes away from the appeal of picking up the book to read it, rather than adding to it. Other than that, this book is well worth the read! I would highly suggest a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket as your curl up and read it!

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