Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Your Girl

I'm Your GirlAuthor: J.J. Murray
ISBN: 978-0758213961
Publisher: Kensington

I won this on goodreads' first reads(, and was excited to read it.  The cover is so attractive. This is the first novel I have read by JJ Murray and the first 120 pages are just horrible. I wish I could tell you a synopsis of the story, but I didn't get one out of the first 120 pages.  You discover enough about each character to realize a little about them, but not enough to figure out why the book was written or what point it has for the reader to read it.  Given that I had read 120 pages, I expected far more from the book by now.  It seems to be the simple romance novel.  Boy meets girl.  Girl is not particularly interested at first, but they will get around to that and end up together.

The first 120 pages were so boring and hard to move through. Jack, the main male character, talks to himself, when he doesn't need to. His story could have been told via his thoughts instead of his thoughts talking back to him. Diane, the leading lady, does nothing but sit home reviewing books.  YAY for the reader, we get to read the crap she is reading, instead of learning more about her and her story. The book is full of all the stereotypes and thoughts both racial sides have or people think they have. Its just horrible to move through. It picks up toward the middle and is slightly easier to move through, but I almost didn't get there. I had to force myself to keep giving it a chance. If you like Murray's work, maybe you can move past this one. If you haven't read any before, don't start with this book. Please try another one, otherwise like me, you probably won't pick up any of the other works produced.

I really hate to give reviews like this. I know writing is not easy, but I have a hard time understanding the editor who was responsible for this book. Did you not see reviews like this coming? I really wish the story part started much sooner, instead of the needless beginning I had to work through in order to get to the story.  I am sorry I cannot offer a longer review, there is simply not much to say.  I had to break between books, because this one seriously injured me.  I needed a mental break from reading to help recover.

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